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     “Neftegazgeodeziya” Ltd was set up in 2002. Vide ”History of the Company”

     At the present time “Neftegazgeodeziya” Ltd. is the leading company in the Russian Federation on execution of topographic and geodesic, investigational, ecological and other types of works. “Neftegazgeodeziya” Ltd is a member of JFC “Gazprom” Project Entities Association, member of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia and an official service provider of United Nations Organization (UNO).

     “Neftegazgeodeziya” Ltd is able to carry out a whole variety of activities of engineering investigations for construction and reconstruction of the facilities of oil and gas complex, atomic and thermal power and other large engineering facilities, to conduct all types of geodesic, topographic, cartographic, special and applied topographic-geodesic and underground survey works and also to elaborate and to implement in process scientific and technical programs and projects.
     At the present time “Neftegazgeodeziya” Ltd obtains the licenses of The Federal Agency of Geodesy and Cartography ("Roskartographia"), the Federal Security Service of Russia, the Gosstroy of the Russian Federation, the Federal Committee for Mining and Industrial Supervision (Gosgortechnadzor) and Gosatomnadzor of Russia, that allows the company to perform productive activity according to the update technical level with high quality.

     There are the following departments in the structure of “Nefetgazgeodeziya” Ltd:
          • Department of Geodesy and Topography
          • Department of Geology and Geophysics
          • Department of Environmental Protection
          • Department of Design Works
          • Department of Foreign Relations

     The staff of the company contains more than 600 high skilled specialists. Managers have qualification certificates, academic titles (20 Doctors of Science: technical, medical, physical and mathematical, geographical, geological and mineralogical). “Neftegazgeodeziya” Ltd possesses a sufficient material base, including working space and auxiliary area, garage with fleet of light, goods-carrying and special vehicles, analytical laboratory, electronic archive, field traverse for calibration of satellite geodesic devices and etc.
     The priority trend in development of the company “Neftegazgeodeziya” Ltd is assimilation and application in its own production the modern technologies and means of creation of digital models of locality and engineering objects, creation the basic and special geodesic networks, realization of underground surveying and repeated high-precision complex geodesic observations on geodynamic grounds of oil and gas complexes and on objects of atomic power. “Neftegazgeodeziya” Ltd is a leader on separate positions in the Russian services market in the field of topographic-geodesic works and engineering investigations in different branches of industry due to using of the most modern, frequently unique technologies, devices and software products.
     The mainstream of activities of “Neftegazgeodeziya” Ltd in Russia and abroad is realization of industrial and special scientific-technical, topographic and geodesic and investigational projects in the field of gas and oil industry, thermal and atomic power.
The main customers of “Neftegazgeodeziya” Ltd are the Russian companies: JSC “Gazprom”, JSC “Transneft”, Petroleum Company “Lukoil”, Concern “Rosenergoatom”, RAO ES of Russia and their daughter enterprises. “Neftegazgeodeziya” Ltd is a General contractor on some type of works.
     “Neftegazgeodeziya” Ltd took part in realization of the largest investigational projects on construction of gas pipeline ”Blue Stream” Russia- Turkey, North-European Gas pipeline, oil pipeline for the Petroleum Company “Severnaya Neft” and other projects. The company carries out a large volume of topographic and geodesic and underground surveying works by order of "Severgazprom" Ltd, "Lentransgaz" Ltd, "Kubangazprom" Ltd, "Volgotransgaz" Ltd, JSC "Severnaya Neft", “Tyumentransgaz" Ltd, "Permtransgaz" Ltd, "Kaspiygazprom" Ltd, JSC "Severnie magistralnie nefteprovodi” (Northern main oil pipelines), JSC "Arkhangelskgeologodobitcha", JSC "Naryan-Marneftegaz”, “Orenburggazprom” Ltd, JSC "Gyprospetsgaz", Atomic Power Station of Novovoronezh, Northwest TPP, regional committees and departments.
     The specialists of "Neftegazgeodeziya" Ltd have a great experience in topographic and geodesic support of objects of main pipelines, shelf survey (island Sakhalin, Prirazlomnoe and Schtokmanskoe minefields, Pechora, Khaipudirskaya and Baidaratskaya Bays of Barents sea and others) and inland waters (Ladoga, Beloe, Onega Lakes), in creation of observation systems on geodynamic grounds (Atomic Power Station of Leningrad, Kolskaya Atomic Power Station and others), in realization of engineering investigations.
     The control over scientific and technical progress for “Neftegazgeodeziya” Ltd is the essential element of its general system of management. This activity determines vector of the company’s future development and provides its technical competitiveness.

     Investments of the company in the development of production including strengthening of technical basis, creation and assimilation of new technique and technologies reach more than 10% of turnover.

     Most of the customers, once made use of our services, become our partners for a long time. We are always open to new contacts and hope for effective and longstanding cooperation.


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