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• Creation of geodesic networks of all types – state, specials high-precision, municipals, locals.
• Creation of the field compilation survey for land, aerial and space survey.
• Coordinates setting of moving objects in real time.
• Precise levelling.
• Geodynamic monitoring.





• Land survey using modern electronic tachymetrs, satellite geodesic instruments (inclusive – in cinematic mode in real time).
• Geodesic positioning of the main pipelines.
• Engineering and geodesic survey for designing of construction of industrial facilities.
• Cadastral survey, inventory and non-movable assets registration.
• Underground utilities survey.
• Industrial facilities survey (compressor plant, gas-distribution station, Atomic Power Station and others).
• Littoral shelf and inland water reservoirs survey.
• Creation and renovation digital vector topographical and cadastral maps of all scales according data of ground and aerospace survey.
• Creation of Geographical Information systems - GIS of main pipelines, including defect detection data, rated values of objects, GIS of land registry and town-planning cadastre, GIS for regional centers of Emergency Situation Ministry.

• Photogrammetric bridging.
• Creation of a stereo model.
• Relief and situation stereo drawing.
• Creation of digital ortho photos plans.

Laser scanning
• Ground laser scanning of industrial and engineering facilities.
• Creation of 3-D models of terrain and engineering facilities (according to conventional survey materials, laser scanning data, created maps and plans, project documentation).


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