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     “Neftegazgeodeziya” Ltd carries out a whole complex of engineering-geological investigations and geophysical researches according to the Russian and international regulatory requirements. In the course of these investigations the following problems are solved:
• Integrated study of engineering-geological conditions at all stages of construction and reconstruction of industrial and housing facilities.
• Forecast of alteration of engineering-geological conditions in the sphere of interaction of projected facilities with environment and elaboration of measures of engineering protection of projects under construction.
• Estimation of geological processes presence and its development during the construction of buildings of different types.
• Elaboration of report documentation about facilities of engineering-geological investigations in accordance with regulatory requirements.

 Engineering-geological investigations.

Geological investigations include:
• Field methods of soil researches:
     - pressuremeter;
     - static sounding;
     - dynamic sounding.
• Study of hydro-geological conditions of construction, determination of filtrational and migrational parameters of water inclosing roachs and soils of aeration zone, including execution of special hydro-geological studies – experimental filtrational and experimental migrational filed works.
• Designing and fitting of secure hydrogeological net on industrial facilities.
• Laboratory analysis of soil constitution and its physical-mechanical characteristics.
• Laboratory analysis of underground and surface water constitution.
• Drilling of geological wells for different purposes.

     The park of drill rigs of “Neftegazgeodeziya” Ltd counts more than 15 ones of various types from PBU-2, URB-2А-2, UGB-50M to light drill rigs such as UKB-12/15, «Openok», GM50GT and others. Some drill rigs are installed on all-terrain vehicles, which cross-country capacity makes possible to carry out drilling works in outland and hard-to-reach areas.



 Geophysical researches.

     Solution of different purposes of revised geological territory model, of revelation of hydro-geological characteristics and of freeze-and-thaw action characteristics in plan and in depth with the help of complex geophysical researches of territories by methods of geo-radiolocation, electric and seismic exploration.

• Electric exploration:
     - determination of electric resistivity of soil;
     - determination of earth currents presence;
     - vertical electric sounding;
     - electric profiling.
• Seismic exploration
     - performance of seismic exploration works during engineering-geological investigations and microseismozonation.
• Geo-radar surveying with the use of georadar «OKO-2»
• Detailing of geoelectric section of studied structure with the help of the technology of geoelectric tomography, based on combination of methods of electric profiling and vertical electric sounding.
• Analysis of regional geophysical data during investigation works on investment stage.
     Application of technology of gravitational and magnetic fields analysis, based on use of interpretation system “Baltica” which includes the results of inverse modeling of potentials allows to proceed to the construction of 3-D model of geological structure of the studied territory and to a more reasonable selection of main pipeline location.

     All types of services have respective licenses and certificates.


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