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 Horizontal-directed drilling

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The Neftegazgeodeziya Ltd performs works on a lining of engineering underground communications of different function using technology trenchless buildings. The method of the is horizontal-directed drilling is applied for this purpose. This technology allows to carry out a lining of communications under operating transport highways. It can be railways, the rivers and other barriers where the open way of a lining of networks is impossible. The Neftegazgeodeziya Ltd uses a modern mobile complex of is horizontal-directed drilling Vermeer Navigator of 80/100 manufactures of the USA for making of underground communications.

asic parameter of drilling machine:

Length, cm: 840
Width, cm: 236
Max. The twisting moment, Newton / metre: 13560
Height, cm: 244
Force of broaching, kg: 36288
Weight (with bars), kg: 16874
The engine: cummins6BTA5.9
Length of chisel bar Firestick, m: 4.6


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