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“Neftegazgeodeziya” Ltd carries out projects of construction and full repair of main pipelines, projects of open-cast mining.
Business subdivisions of JSC “Gazprom”, JSC “AK “Transneft”, JSC “Lukoil” and other organizations of oil and gas sector are the main customers of the Department.
Department of design works includes:
– service of sites preparation for designing (collection and coordination of initial data and technical specifications, preparation of land use and land allocation documents);
– divisions of pipelines designing;
– divisions of development of the special project sections (environment protection, construction arrangement, engineer and technical procedures of civil defense and emergency situations, industrial safety and labor protection);
– estimate documentation division;
– service of design automation;
– service of documentation supporting and preparation of project release.
Department of design works disposes all necessary personnel and material resources to carry out the whole complex of design works for any design stage.
High efficiency of Department’s specialists, modern computation and software provide us with following competitive advantages: perfect projects quality, high speed of designing and strict term observance, cost estimate optimization of construction.
Quality of projects, executed by the Department is attested by respective licenses and certificates.



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