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15. Yu. Goryachev
«The Petersburg building market» № 8 (112) 2008

14. T. Golchanskaya
«The Petersburg building market» №1-2 (107) 2008

13. S. Imshenetsky
«The Petersburg building market» №11 (105) 2007

12. S. Martynov, Sh. Daishev, V.Yezhov, M. Fedorishchev, A.Kostyuchenko
«Experience of engineering - Hydro-Meteorological investigations on small waterways at building oil and gas pipelines»
Neftegazgeodeziya Ltd Department of the environment protection

11. S. Imshenetsky
«Building and transport» № 7 2007

10. M. Shilin
Estimation of ecological safety of building of sea port complexes in the Northwest of Russia by results of biomonitoring
Neftegazgeodeziya Ltd Department of the environment protection

9. V.Balandin, S. Imshenetsky, A. Matveev, A. Yuskevich
Algorithm of transformation of spatial rectangular co-ordinates in flat rectangular at geodetic support of gas pipelines.
“Geodesy and cartography” № 5 2007

8. V. Bochkov
Application of technology of afield detection of defects of pipelines S/A "Gazprom" using the global GIS of vapor-transport enterprises
2003, October

7. V. Bochkov
New aspects of the practical application of geodetic positioning of linear pipeline portion
2005, May

6. V. Bochkov
Application of satellite navigation for definition of locations of linear pipeline portion defects on basis of geodetic positioning.
Gas Industry, 2005, March

5. S. Sinitsyn, General Director
    S. Imshenetsky, Technical Director
Geodetic Positioning of the Objects of Oil and Gas Transportation
O&G, 2004, January

4. V. Sokolov, Director for Production
Informational-measuring network for the monitoring of geodynamic phenomena at oil-and-gas deposits
O&G, 2004, January

3. V. Salyukov, S. Sinitcyn, S. Imshenetsky
Geodetic positioning of the Objects of Gas Transportation of APIG " Gasprom" as a method of resource saving
- Gas industry, 2003, January

2. S. Sinitcyn , S. Imshenetsky
Geodesy applied in safety of the main pipelines
Oil, gas, constructing, 2003, March

1. S. Sinitsyn
We intentionally put our business to the State service. And we were convinced of correctness of the chosen strategy.
Regional life, 2005, September


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